Our Background

The Beginning

Agri Mega as an association and established under Article 21 of the Companies Law, has its roots in the initiative of Niel Giliomee and André Fourie who presented a Mega agricultural day on the farm, Nachtwacht, in 1992. Niel is a well-known farmer in the Bredasdorp district and André a consultant in the livestock industry.

The Growth

The success of the first event, which received 150 visitors, was inspiration enough to make it an annual occurrence in the following years and was later combined with a popular annual silage day, hosted by die local agricultural community. This became known is Mega Week which grew to 120 exhibitors and 2,000 visitors from 1992 – 2002!

The Foundation

In 2003, Mega Week management reflected on the future of the event, resulting in a new hosting style with a structured presentation and marketing plan. Finally in 2004, Agri Mega was founded as a service organisation with a vision broader than just the hosting of events and primarily in and for the small-grain industry. Expectations were great and its contributions in the following years had to be characterised by value.

Fast Forward

The Mega Group of today

Agri Mega as an association is now a non-profit company known as Agri Mega NPC and focussing on agricultural and rural development.

MGC Holdings (Pty) Ltd is the holding company of the Mega Group and focuses on administration of the Group’s investments, policies and logistics.

Agri Mega Group (Pty) Ltd, an operational company with its head office in Bredasdorp, provides management-, administrative- and supporting services to other companies within the Mega Group.

Agri Mega Investments (Pty) Ltd (t/a Mega Events) is an operational company offering events, event products and services and media products, all of which are either developed internally, acquired externally or taken over.

Agri Mega Properties (Pty) Ltd, an operational company, delivers event logistical services and projects and focuses on venue management and supporting operational services.

Our Vision

The vision of the Mega Group is to be the preferred instrument for change and service delivery towards sustainability for its clients.


Our Mission

Our mission is to continue, through innovation, building a sustainable and reliable group of successful enterprises for the benefit of the Group’s clients.

Focuses & Values


  1. Consists of independent enterprises with a group market related profit margin and an annual growth above inflation.
  2. Strives to create a culture of unity, productivity, professionalism and passion for value-adding to clients.
  3. Strives to be a united group of innovative and creative enterprises.
  4. Strives to be known for ploughing back into the community.
  5. Strives to be known for institutional integrity and efficiency.